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Statement on Copyright Protection
The website content of novacampaign.pt, including texts, images or any other information, is owned by Fundação Alfredo de Sousa, which owns its copyright.
By using the website novacampaign.pt, the user is obliged to respect the current legislation, particularly the Copyright and Rights of the Code of Related, the Industrial Property Code and the Legislation of Computer Related Crime.
The user may not copy, download or use contents of the website novacampaign.pt without obtaining prior authorization from Fundação Alfredo de Sousa and without referring the website of novacampaign.pt as the source of information; regarding content from sites linked to this website, the user must obtain the authorization of the respective authors, respecting their copyright statements.
Unauthorized use or distribution of any material from this website may be subject to civil or criminal penalties in accordance with applicable laws.

Disclaimer Statement
The material contained in this website consists of general information that is not necessarily complete, accurate or updated.
Fundação Alfredo de Sousa does not guarantee that the services provided by the website of novacampaign.pt will function without interruption.
Fundação Alfredo de Sousa is not required to store the contents of the website of novacampaign.pt, including texts, images or other information, may it be destroyed at any time and not being, by this fact, attributed any right to compensation for users or any third parties.
There may be links to external sites to the Site of novacampaign.pt on which Fundação Alfredo de Sousa has no control and for which assumes no responsibility.
Fundação Alfredo de Sousa assumes no responsibility for any problems arising from the use of the website novacampaign.pt or any external sites linked to it.

Privacy Statement
In accordance with article 35º of the Portuguese Constitution and Law nº 67/98 of 26 October, the information collected regarding novacampaign.pt website users it is not personal, wherefore the confidentiality of their identity is ensured.
The identification of users will however take place whenever they commit illegal acts, violation of the Terms and Conditions, or when requested by court order.

Privacy Policy

The website www. novacampaign.pt is property of Fundação Alfredo de Sousa.
Fundação Alfredo de Sousa respects your privacy and promises to protect it. For this reason we are calling your attention to this Privacy Notice, which provides information about our Privacy Policy, practices and options that may be taken in order to collect online information and how that information may be used. This website is governed by the laws of Portugal. The Portuguese courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from the use of this website.

1. Automatically collected data
The domains and IP addresses of the visitors are recorded automatically. This information does not identify the user, rather only the computer used to access the site. This data is used to verify where the site is being used in the world in order to ensure coverage and to enable us to improve our service to you. The personal information of each user is not an object of collection and analysis in this process.

2. Data collection and use
Whenever a user requests information anywhere on the site, it may be necessary to collect the user’s personal information. Contacting us via e-mail and subscribing to news requires that we collect your e-mail address, name and other specific personal identification information, normally translated by the contact name and number. Your personal information will be processed in order to provide the information, goods, products and services requested according to the indicated profile.
When requesting sensitive personal information, we will ensure that it shall be collected and used in strict compliance with the legislation applicable to the collection and protection of information.
The user’s personal information can be used by Fundação Alfredo de Sousa, Nova SBE, or Nova SBE Alumni Club.

3. Access to personal information
To request clarifications about access to personal information, or for the clarification of questions related to the information privacy policy practiced at www.novacampaign.pt please contact us at this e-mail website@novacampaign.pt.
You are allowed to question the information and, where appropriate, you may: delete, correct, change or complete the information. We reserve the right of refusal to supply a copy of the user’s personal information, therefore we are obliged to present a justification for that decision. The user may challenge our decision to refuse the supply of a copy of his/her personal information.

4. Privacy compliance/conformity
Our privacy policy complies with the applicable Portuguese legislation, namely Law No. 67/98, of 10/26, rectified by the Rectification Declaration No. 22/98, of 11/28. Data protection legislation is subject to review, which is why we recommend that the user regularly consults our privacy statement.

5. Hyperlinks
The website of novacampaign.pt may provide links to external sites for your convenience and information. When accessing those links you will leave the site of novacampaign.pt, does not control those sites or their privacy policies, which may be different from those of novacampaign.pt. Fundação Alfredo de Sousa does not approve or represent these sites. The Privacy Statement of novacampaign.pt does not cover potential personal information granted by users to sites outside its own site.
We recommend reviewing the privacy policies of any company before submitting your personal information. Some external companies may choose to share your personal information with Fundação Alfredo de Sousa therefore this exchange shall be governed by the privacy policy of that company.

6. Property and Access
All of the content of this site (text, images, brands and logos) is intellectual property of the company Fundação Alfredo de Sousa. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, modify or disseminate the content of this site without written permission from Fundação Alfredo de Sousa allows free access, free of charge, to this site, with the objective of providing information about our company and the work that we have developed for our clients.

7. Security
Fundação Alfredo de Sousa does not assume the responsibility for potential interruption in the presentation of the on-line site, for virus or other damages that may be caused to its users.
The connection between www.novacampaign.pt and other sites is strictly prohibited without written permission from Fundação Alfredo de Sousa.
If the existence of content on this site that could violate copyrights is suspected, please contact us at website@novacampaign.pt immediately.

8. Law and jurisdiction
This site was created and is in operation according to the laws of Portugal. The use of this site is subject to the acceptance of these rules and of other terms and conditions that may be adopted.
Any dispute that involves novacampaign.pt, in the scope of this site shall be governed by the legislation in force, the sole competent authorities being the Portuguese courts.

9. Alterations
Fundação Alfredo de Sousa reserves the right to occasionally update its privacy policy. Whenever it is updated, we will disclose the date of the last update.
Fundação Alfredo de Sousa also reserves the right to suspend access to this site without any prior notice.