It is a pleasure to be part of Nova SBE network

Carlos Brazão, MBA ’90, is Managing Director at Cisco, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Nova SBE had a fundamental impact on my career. I did the MBA in 1990 on the beginning of my career. On one hand, it complemented my studies as an engineer, structuring empirical management notions acquired during those years; and on the other hand, it opened my professional horizons as it gave me a wide training. Even today – a quarter of a century passed by – the MBA is a reference.

I completely identify with Nova SBE motto “Shaping powerful minds”. However, if I had to adapt it to my personal path, I would like it to be “empowering our minds”. In my career in training technologies I can surely affirm that the MBA gave me significant advantages and opportunities. With the MBA I became part of a great community with a similar path as mine. It is a pleasure to be part of Nova SBE network and to have built countless friendships.

We had always lived in a competitive world but not in a global scale as we live today – and the Universities are not an exception. In this sense, a world-class campus in a beautiful site will definitely contribute to Nova SBE leading position.

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