The best students connecting with companies

Catherine da Silveira is Professor of Luxury and Brand Management at Nova SBE.

The best things about teaching at Nova SBE are definitely the students and the connection with companies.

We are very lucky because we have very good students coming from different countries with different academic and professional backgrounds. This diversity contributes a lot to the quality of the classes and the courses.

The other very good thing about teaching at Nova SBE is the connection with companies. Because we have very good students, companies are highly interested in contributing to our courses and to the school.

Each of my courses is a partnership with a company. First I invite them to present the briefing to the students, and then students work on this briefing over the semester and present the output to the company managers at the end.

So, instead of delivering theory and then working from there, we start with practical issues presented by a company and then the theoretical lectures give students the tools to address those practical issues.

We have partnered with all kinds of companies and organizations in Portugal and abroad. Just to give you a few examples, we have worked for Nestlé, Unilever, Vodafone, L’Oréal, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundations, McKinsey & Company, and the Portuguese Social Security Institute.

Last semester, I had 14 teams working for 14 different brands from Unilever and the experience was extremely rewarding for the students. Some of them had joined Unilever at the end of the project.

In fact, quite often my former students tell me this experience allowed them to get the job they wanted in marketing or sales.

Catherine da Silveira

Nova Campaign