Donating to Nova SBE’s new campus was an obvious choice for me

Francisco Farto e Abreu, BSc Economics ’08 & MSc Economics ’12, Summer Associate at McKinsey & Co is donor of Fundação Alfredo de Sousa.


Donating to Nova SBE’s new campus was an obvious choice for me. Nova SBE gave me many important tools from a professional but also from a personal standpoint, tools that define who I am and what I have been accomplishing.
I enrolled as a naive 18-year old and left as a young professional with the critical thinking abilities to ask the right questions and the drive and ambition to discover the answers. I made some of my best friends there including my wife. I spent five of the best years of my life there.

But Nova SBE is not only mine, nor of the people I got to know there.
Nova SBE is an elite European school located in Portugal. It is a place where we have been proving our fellow Europeans (and others alike) that we can compete at any given level. Nova SBE has been showing everyone that Portugal does not fall behind. This is why I believe all of us should donate, regardless of our particular experiences.
It is a meaningful contribution not only to the school, but to our Economy, and to Portugal.

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