Nova SBE project is definitely a game-changer!

Francisco Sottomayor, BSc Economics ’93, Head of Global Markets at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking, in Madrid, Spain, is donor of Fundação Alfredo de Sousa.

The decision to become a donor of Nova SBE’s new campus was made based on a concept very commonly used in the US called “Giving Back”. My professional achievements in the last 20 years had as foundation the outstanding contribution made by all Nova SBE professors and the amazing curriculum they provided me during those years.
When the concept of becoming a donor on this project was presented to me, I did not hesitate to have my name engraved on it and make a valuable contribution. I would definitely motivate others to become donors of this amazing project – one that will radically change the academic landscape in our country for all Portuguese students and international ones as well. This project is definitely a game-changer!

Nova Campaign