Once a NOVA student, always an Alumnus

João Machado Caetano, MBA ’93, Chairman of the Board of Directors at ICIL Group, in Lisbon, Portugal, is donor of Fundação Alfredo de Sousa.


Why should I be a Nova SBE donor?

Once a NOVA student, always an Alumnus.

Nova SBE has something different from others that is hard to explain.

I felt a modern and friendly environment with my first NOVA experience in Medical School. The networking awareness and the need to respect differences by having to do the medical course in several hospitals was fundamental. The friendly colleagues I made? We still meet on and off again, 27 years later.

When I decided to do an MBA, I rationally analyzed other options, but my final choice was Nova once again. Nova SBE. The professional and intense program, the international focus, the diversity of degrees and professional backgrounds made my MBA one of the most comprehensive experiences of my life.

Nova SBE offered me the knowledge and the tools and the least I could regarding this epic expansion was to be a part of the change and make the future happen.
Once a NOVA student, always an Alumnus.


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