Always aiming to be the best

José Luís Boteta, BSc Management ’08 and MSc Management ’11, Area Sales Manager LATAM & Caribbean for Duty Free at Imperial Tobacco, Miami, USA, is donor of Fundação Alfredo de Sousa.

Studying at Nova SBE was one of the most impactful experiences of my life. It gave me the necessary hard skills to shape my professional career, a wide social circle of classmates, and being part of Tuna Fortuna has also expanded my artistic horizons and gave me some of my closest friendships.

The education I got at Nova SBE has shaped my values into always aiming to be the best, and it comes therefore as no surprise that the school itself also has these values embedded in it’s culture, and shoots for the stars with the construction of the new campus.

Because I believe in this project and the value it has, not only for the school but also for the country, I want to play a part in it. By doing so, I feel honored, proud, and more than anything, closing the gap between all the school gave me and what I can give back. For whoever also feels in debt with the school and to what it has contributed to their lives, I can tell from my personal experience that contributing to this project will have a positive impact in that

Nova Campaign