I wish nothing but a bright future for Nova SBE

José Sousa de Macedo, BSc Economics ’82, Executive Director at Vieira de Almeida & Associados, Lisbon, Portugal, is donor of Fundação Alfredo de Sousa.


I am a proud member of one of Nova SBE’s first generations, back when it was located in Campo Grande. It is not the dimension or the greatness that “my” old UNL-FE has achieved that has surprised me the most – that is something one could anticipate given the faculty’s level of excellence and their demand for outstanding work. It was the opportunity to see, in loco, on a guided tour, how the new campus was created way beyond the idea of being only a place for knowledge.

The new campus seeks to enhance a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility. That’s why I am happy to contribute and I am very proud of being a small part of it.

Well done! Congratulations! I wish nothing but a bright future for Nova SBE, in Carcavelos, from 2018 onwards!

Nova Campaign