Join us in building the school of the future

The first step of the Nova Campaign, a collective fundraising effort, is to guarantee that we can build the school of the future, opening in Carcavelos September ’18.

This is the story of our school

Since 1978, relationships have been growing within our walls.

40 years of countless stories, moments, and friendships.

Students have become teachers, mentors, friends, parents – a living network of people who care and dare to make a difference.

Julian Harzheim

Every day, I experience the drive of employees, professors, and students to achieve more, to have an impact. The new campus will shift Nova SBE to an even higher level. It would be a missed chance to not contribute to this tremendous development and enable future leaders to enjoy the best education possible.

Inês Sobreiro

Being one of the four women in my family that graduated from Nova SBE, I couldn’t feel more familiarized with the school. Supporting it means being part of an innovative and ambitious project that I believe is going to enhance Nova SBE on a global scale.

José Pinheiro
PROFESSOR at Nova SBE since ‘82

I have been dedicated to Nova SBE since almost the very beginning of the school. I believe, and always have, that we are the most consistent project in teaching Economics and Management in Portugal!

Joana Barba
ALUMNA | BSc ’11 | MSc ‘14

I really liked my time at Nova SBE, and right now I’m very proud of being able to work here today! This project – working with the leaders of the future – is not exclusive for students. It also aims to work with companies and for companies, and the surrounding communities, from Portugal to the world!

Manuel Melo
ALUMNUS | BSc ’08 |MSc ‘11

The school acts as a fundamental agent in the transformation of business practices and ideals. I am confident that students, imbued with the socially-minded entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes the faculty so much, will change the business landscape of the future, and its priorities, giving it a more humane side.

Cristina Sobreiro
ALUMNA | BSc ‘83

The time I spent at the school left a significant mark on me – it became part of me, not only as a professional but also as a human being. That legacy has been passed on to my two daughters, Rita and Inês, that also chose Excellency when the time came to choose their future. Nova SBE is a home that nurtures critical thinking, teamwork, and social responsibility, and as such should be supported to be able to grow and become better known to the world.

Every day someone like you joins us in our shared goal:

raising €50 million to build

the school of the future.

We are forever grateful to all those who continue to support our vision. Together we are building a top European school; based in Portugal, to welcome the world and look beyond.


375+ Individual Donors


35 Corporate Partners

We still need your help to raise €15 million before September 2018.


We believe in this project

“I’m always looking for projects with impact and Nova SBE is definitely one of those. The new campus, a step into the future, will enable a new learning approach in a school more and more engaged with the corporate world and society. Nova SBE is already an internationally recognized talent hub and the new campus will drive the school to the top of the European league.”

Ming Chu Hsu

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

“Since the first moment Banco Santander Totta joined Nova SBE’s project as a Founding Partner as it considers a strategic project, both for higher education in Portugal and for the positioning of our country in the world. It enhances the capacity and quality of facilities to attract the best students from Portugal and Europe. The new campus consolidates Nova SBE’s position as an international reference school and promote our country among the future business leaders.”

António Vieira Monteiro

CEO of Banco Santander Totta


Thousand Euros raised by the MBA class of ´83


Thousand Euros raised by the BSc Economic class of ´88


Thousand Euros raised by the Bsc Economics class of ´89

Together, we are building the future.

The new campus will be an open space from which a new generation of global citizens can grow confident, develop insight, and aspire to improve the world. Thank you for your support.

Nova Campaign