It’s time
to create the future
Special Edition Nova SBE x SWATCH
We have joined forces to create the school of tomorrow.

Swatch joined Nova School of Business & Economics to present the NOVA SBE x SWATCH.

Known to have a long tradition of supporting great causes, Swatch’s recent creation falls upon the visionary educational project that Nova SBE is carrying out in Portugal with the construction of its new campus, in Carcavelos – the creation of a school that is looking forward.

This special edition will be available for sale in Portugal and for each sold watch Swatch will donate 10 % towards Nova SBE’s fundraising campaign.

Swatch finds Nova SBE’s project to be positive, innovative, and relevant not only to society but to future generations, in Portugal and the world.


Drawing inspiration from Nova SBE’s new brand, the watch was created by the same creative team – designers Paula Delgado and Pedro Miguel Martins – who looked for an elegant solution consistent with the visual identity of both brands.

In the front and in the back of the bracelet there is an “O” (that represents the sun and the concept of time) that, alongside the white line (which symbolizes the horizon and the concept of space), intends to portray the new brand’s concept – #clearhorizon.

On the back of the bracelet there is an inscription that reads “It’s time to create the future”, challenging everyone to use education as a tool to create the future. The watch’s white strap presents Nova SBE’s new identity and it can be customized with the year and course of its bearer.

Hi, I am the future

Get to know four of the Nova SBE students who are creating the future with academic excellence,
initiative, and dedication not only to the community but also to the school.

It’s now time to create the future and the school of tomorrow. For these exact reasons, it is a privilege to be a part of this .”
Beatriz Burgos,
20 years old

She is graduating with a Bachelor’s in Management at Nova SBE.

Everyone who truly knows her knows she’s never still. She is a federated volleyball athlete, has been surfing for 10 years. For the last two years of her Bachelor, Beatriz has been the co-president of the Nova Surf Club student club. Much more than leading a group of friends that got together to surf, Beatriz founded a unique event that brought together the whole community: the Nova Surf Contest.

Being part of this School has been a remarkable and rewarding experience that allowed me to meet different people, develop projects and tackle opportunities. This is the Nova Way of Life and this initiative with Swatch is another great example of it.
Guilherme Jacinto,
19 years old

He is transitioning to his 3rd year of the Bachelor’s in Management at Nova SBE.

He is an expert at bringing people together for the greater good. Concerned with preparing students for the job market, he founded the Nova Case Team student club, having a remarkable impact in the lives and futures of many students at Nova SBE. Guilherme, alongside a group of students, came together to, for 10 weeks, find solutions for an NGO client, while implementing academic knowledge.

Over the last two years he has been volunteering at an organization performing several functions to combat food waste, helping families in his neighborhood.

Over the years Swatch has taught us that timing is everything. I believe time has come for Nova SBE, and its students, to shine under the Carcavelos sun.
Marta Gomes,
22 years old

She is transitioning to her 2nd year of the Master’s in Management at Nova SBE.

To say she is dynamic is an understatement. She does ballet, running, volunteer work, and theater. She is no stranger to awards having received the Cascais Academic Excellency Award and she is a fellow of the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence. Marta was the Human Resources Director of the Nova Junior Enterprise student club and last year she did an exchange year in Singapore.

Life is about stepping out of our comfort zone, and this is exactly what Nova SBE has done with its new Campus and what its doing now with this bold venture with Swatch. By undertaking a completely different and new set of tasks, while contributing to the broader, bold and superb, new Campus, which I am very proud of.
Paulo Pitta e Cunha,
23 years old

He is transitioning to his 2nd year of the Master’s in Management at Nova SBE.

Focused and fun are the adjectives that best define him. He is a law graduate, now pursuing his CEMS MIM degree and looking for an international and impactful career. He is a fellow of the Nova Fellowship for Excellence and a Principal of Nova Junior Consulting.

These talented students have had a big impact on society and are constantly challenged to change the world

Nova School of Busines & Economics has several different clubs, each with its goals, ideas, and passions.

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