Nova SBE attracts the best talent worldwide

Global Hub for Excellence in Knowledge & Learning

The school is being established as an international leader as we are achieving scale in critical dimensions

  • Attract more and better students

  • Attract top international faculty driving high quality teaching and impactful research

  • Attract a larger set of reference recruiters to campus with a full service perspective

  • Larger network of alumni word-of-mouth and sense of belonging

  • Obtain higher fundraising to invest in academic quality

  • Improve position in rankings and international visibility

Deeply engaged with society & the corporate world

+70 companies were on campus this year to share their experience

+50% of our students developed their thesis within a company

+14.000 Alumni in more than 50 countries stay connected with Nova network

+340 alumni/year participate as mentors or speakers in school events

We need to grow

In addition to our academic excellence, we must take advantage of a privileged location in Carcavelos

A campus for the future

Enabling a new learning approach

The campus reflects the shift from teacher centered lecturing to collaborative learning

Spacious, comfortable, “outdoorsy”

Welcoming and comfortable environment, opposite to the austere aesthetics of more traditional universities. A campus where people want to stay!

Motivating interaction of people

Promotion of socialization and collaboration by forcing the circulation of people through several lounges and social areas – open spaces to the community.

Californian lifestyle with ideology

Attract applicants to coast like lifestyle.
Reflect the ambition of the project.
With an ideology – bridge to the South Atlantic

Together, we are building the future

Nova Campaign